MACKENZIE HARDWARE is one of the leading system suppliers in the fields of architectural products, kitchen accessories, bathroom accessories, furniture parts, high tech electronic locking systems, and finishing accessories for residential and commercial purposes. For generations the Company is well known for its high reputation in selling high quality products and follow new updated innovative trends.  The Company believes that quality is not an option but a standard in everything it sells. The Company is considered to have records of traditional excellent quality, prompt and responsive service and that personal touch accorded to our clients. As such we are well known for our customer care and friendly assistance and efficient services throughout decades, through which both employers and employees shared the same ideals and common goals by providing direct assistance to each and every customer’s needs and requirements. Flexibility and efficiency are ever present traits in the Company.

SCHLAGE Locksets, Masterkeying  U.S.A.
SISTEMA32 Hinges,  Drawer slides ITALY
BESSER Sliding door Systems, Floor Hinge,  GERMANY
KUCHEN Rangehood, Oven, Microwave, Kitchen Sink GERMANY
CISA Electric Locks ITALY
DELTA  Faucet, Shower mixer, Shower set U.S.A.
DANZE Faucet, Shower ASIA
DORMA Floor Hinge, Door closer GERMANY
YALE Fingerprint locks & Door closers ASIA
MECO Faucets, Hose Bibb, Grab Bar, Towel Rack U.S.A.
RYOBI Door Closer, Floor Hinge, Transom JAPAN
MASTER  Padlocks, combination padlocks U.S.A.
PANASONIC Single point, Multi point, Heaters MALAYSIA
KYONAN SUS304 Handles, Drawer locks, Cam locks JAPAN
JOHN-BENZEN Router bit, Drill bit ASIA
LOUISVILLE Attic ladder, Aluminum Ladders U.S.A.
HOLMES Car garage mechanism U.S.A.
MARCO POLO Magnetic Lock, Main entrance lock ITALY
STANLEY Padlock, Door closer U.S.A.
QUARANTA Foot pedal valve, Strainer, Floor Drains ITALY
TAILEE Exhaust Fan, Aluminum ducting,  ASIA
SLOAN Urinal Flush valve, WC flush valve U.S.A.


   High Quality and After Services
We carry and sell most of the finest and popular brands in our line of business. We also provide warranties and services should problem occurs, in this way we can ensure the quality of the products we sell.
   Low Price
We provide a competitive price to customer’s needs and budgets. For retail price it is considered low and reasonable, and for wholesale orders we also provide additional discounts as fitted. Prices are also negotiable for special cases
   Stock Availability
Our Company is known for the efficiency and convenience when it comes to stock availability. Most of our store and showroom have on-hands stocks for retail and some wholesale to satisfy our clients need.  When it comes to delivery we ensure no delays in delivering items to customers beyond the committed time.
   Customer Service and Attitude
Customer is treated with high respect and courtesy based on the Fives F’s that our Company’s staff follows - Friendly, Flexible, Fast, Focus, and Forward looking toward the needs of our customers. The needs of the customers are highly given consideration and much priority.


         We are a Company that built on many decades of solid foundation, a beliefs and principles for it to grow, survive and succeed. The heads and staffs are enjoined to abide the CORE VALUES such as RESPECT for the people, utmost INTEGRITY/HONESTY, COMMITMENT, HARD WORK, AND EXCELLENCE. All other desirable traits as expected but not limited to discipline, punctuality, efficient performance of their duties and responsibility. DISCIPLINE shall be among the basic fundamentals for the orderly operations of the company. Competent, dedicated and responsible employees are one of the basic needs for success in order to ensure Client’s Trust.


The Prospects for Mackenzie Hardware are bright. Opportunities for expansion and growth are promising. We will preserve the high quality of our products and will continue to uphold truth and fairness in doing so. Customer driven commitment and reliability will always be our first priority. With competent stewardship and team spirit, Mackenzie Hardware is envisioned to be a market leader in hardware and modern innovation in the business industry.